Assessment regulations

Grading procedure

  • Distinction with honours (10)*
  • Distinction (9 to 10)
  • Merit (7 to 8.9)
  • Pass (5 to 6.9)
  • Fail (0 to 4.9)
    *A distinction with honours is awarded by the specific committee proposed by the teacher.

Number of exam attempts per subject

Students have a maximum of four attempts to pass each subject. Once the exam attempts are exhausted, students can apply to the Centre for two special attempts, in accordance with Decree 63/2001 from the 20th of February 2001, article 13.7.

The ESEM will conduct annual examination sessions in June and September. For subjects lasting one semester, the sessions will take place in January, June and/or September.

Cancelation of enrolment

Students who wish to cancel their attendance at an exam session in one or more subjects for which they are enrolled, whether in the case of demonstrable force majeure or upon having decided not to study for the subject(s), must apply for the cancellation of each subject in writing and with good reason. Cancellation does not suppose the refund of the registration fee, but neither will any additional charges be incurred for subsequent enrolments for the same previously cancelled subjects. You will only be charged the corresponding enrolment fee.


If students fails a subject in the first instance, they can retake in the second exam session in September. In the event of failing at the second attempt, students must re-register for the next academic year and pay any related surcharges.

Upon payment of the required exam fees, the student is entitled to sit a retake examination only if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The student has attended 80% of the face-to-face lectures.
  • The students has participated in all the teacher-led activities.
  • In the event of non-attendance of an exam, the reasons for being unable to sit the exam must be due to force majeure.
  • The teacher or teachers of the subject permit the student's assessment in a single exam.

Publication of results and appeals

Results will be published on the School's notice board and on the Virtual Campus.

Results appeals

Students have the right to appeal their results on the dates published in the school calendar. In the event of disagreement with the appeal process, the student may present a complaint to the head of studies, who will consider each case in conjunction with the Pedagogical Director.