Taller de Músics ESEM

One of the principal aims of the Taller de Músics Superior School of Musical Studies (ESEM*Spanish acronym) is the diffusion of music made in our school and this is informed by the need to provide a high degree of expertise at higher level music education as an essential tool for producing better quality professionals in our country.

There are three principal motivations for undertaking this project:

  • Firstly, to collaborate in the training of future professionals from a standpoint of maximum methodological rigour.
  • Secondly, to provide the necessary tools to transform a centre for higher education into an authentic 'factory for creation', and always attentive to important changes that are currently happening at an artistic level.
  • Thirdly, based on the previous premises, to achieve our students' insertion into the labour market, taking into account the space between the classroom and the stage; the recording and production studios, 'a natural trajectory'.

It is for these very reasons that the Taller de Músics Private Foundation Trust, at the general session on 23rd April 2009, approved the Centre's Project and Norms for the organisation's running and organisation which govern the Taller De Músics Superior School of Musical Studies (ESEM). This institution has permitted the realization of this qualitative turn in the training of students and which has guaranteed the official recognition of the Bachelor of Music (240 credits ECTS) taught at this institution. The course has inherited the tradition of the school but also a stakeholder in the challenges involved in integration into the European Higher Education Area in 2010 along with the so-called Bologna Process.