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Comprising the singer Giulietta Vidal and the cellist Irene Romo, this duo emerged from the classrooms of the Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales (ESEM) and has become a viral phenomenon. What began with a simple friendship, ended up leading to the professional union of these two instrumentalists who love composition and performance and share very similar musical tastes and a common vision of music.


(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about Alosa

Alosa was conceived in 2022, but it wasn’t until a year later that the two decided to sing an original song composed by Giulietta, “A la voreta del foc“, and posted it on social networks. To their surprise, the video went viral and, three months after its publication, it already had more than 620,000 views. This was all the encouragement they needed to get the project going again.

They present a very varied repertoire, ranging from their own songs to personal interpretations of Catalan folk music, as well as jazz standards. All the arrangements are done by Giulietta and Irene, and their own compositions are representative of the duo’s musical background: jazz, bossa, boleros, classical music and even pop.

The element that unites all the pieces is the instrumentation: the two voices, the cello and the percussion. There is also a wonderful naturalness to the way the two members express and experience the music.

Honesty and naturalness, the magic of Alosa

Alosa was born in a natural and wholesome way, without pretensions or expectations: two girls performing music as they understand it, with no frills or fireworks. Just the two of them and the song.

What is most surprising about Alosa is their ability to create full and rounded songs with only two members, without the sense that anything else is missing. Giulietta’s hypnotic voice is a perfect match for Irene’s energetic cello which, although typically thought of as a “classical” instrument, sounds both modern and traditional in her hands.

Giulietta Vidal | vocals & percussion
Irene Romo | vocals, cello & percussion

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