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Paula Peso

Paula Peso, from the district of Sant Andreu Comtal (Barcelona), discovered music very young and singing became her great passion from the beginning. She presents her first album Teach You Right (2020), a fresh and dynamic work influenced by funk, soul and urban music based on a personal “groove” that the artist expresses through her own lyrics.

In April 2024, she presents her new project, Amazona, in which she is currently immersed. This project explores new sonic forms and urban influences, while maintaining her characteristic R&B foundation.

(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about Paula Peso

At the age of 12 she discovers jazz at the Escola de Música de Sant Andreu. After being part of Long Ride, a local rock band, in 2017 she decides to undertake her solo path, turning music into her profession. Her talent was recognized within Cabal Musical, a social innovation project of Taller de Músics. There she recorded a first EP, Down in the Deep, which would end up being part of his first solo album, Teach You Right (2020), where she presents herself with a fresh and energetic style that fuses funk, soul and urban music.

During these years she has performed on important stages such as the Festival dels Jardins de Pedralbes, La Mercè and the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, as well as in renowned venues such as the Jamboree.


In April 2024, Paula Peso released her new work, Amazona (self-published), where she combines R&B with urban and neo-soul influences. In it, she delves into a warm and energetic atmosphere equally to address various topics such as the empowerment of the artist’s life, love, heartbreak, and nostalgia.

In this project, the artist immerses herself for the first time in her inner world and fearlessly displays everything she carries inside. Throughout the creative process, she has directed her energy towards musical evolution and growth, exploring and discovering her personal style. The album is not limited to a single genre, as Paula has demonstrated her versatility and artistic freedom by doing whatever pleases her at any given moment, thus showcasing her full capacity and diversity as an artist.

For the album’s production, Paula Peso has worked closely with the talented musicians and producers Antonio Miyagi, Tauro, and HerSilhouette, who have perfectly captured her life and artistic moment.

In May 2024, the album was presented live at the Curtcircuit festival.

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