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Check out the line-up for Ciutat Flamenco 2022

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The Ciutat Flamenco 2022 festival, which will be held from May 20th-29th , has just confirmed the line-up. It will take place in different venues around Barcelona: Luz de Gas, L’Auditori, Tradicionàrius, Tablao Flamenco Cordobés, Tablao de Carmen, Casa Seat and Escuela José de la Vega.

The first to perform will be Naike Ponce, presenting her show Vivir, in which she depicts human existence based on her life experiences.

She will be followed by Flamenco Interior, a show that allows audiences to experience the performer’s emotions through flamenco. On the same day, Mistó & Cía. José de la Vega Baile will also perform, guitar and vocals coming together to bring the essence of flamenco to the audience.

The Yolanda Cortés Company will present the show “Colmao“, inspired by the 1940s, when these spaces were places for the transaction of money, contacts, wine and flamenco.

The following day will be the turn of the flamenco-jazz band Los Aurora, who will present a preview of a new show from their latest album La Balsa de la Medusa. As a one-off for this concert, the line-up will be complemented with two dancers: Pol Jiménez and José Manuel Álvarez.

La Moneta will also be part of Ciutat Flamenco 2022. She will present Divino Amor Humano, a dance dramatization of the artist’s reading of the poetry of Teresa de Ávila, through a lecture by Federico García Lorca.

Next on stage will be the guitarist Juan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’. He will present his new project Caminos, made up of tangos, alegrías, bulerías and granaínas, in which he opens up new sound paths in flamenco.

This will be followed by the production Suite de la Isla, a tribute concert to the brilliant cantaor José Monje Cruz ‘Camarón’, commemorating the 30th anniversary of his death. The concert will feature guest artists of the stature of Chano Domínguez and one of the best contemporary cantaores, Pedro el Granaíno. This co-production is produced by Taller de Músics, which for the third consecutive year is joining forces with the ESMUC and L’Auditori de Barcelona.

Flamenkbeat, the show starring the singer Alba Morena, will close this year’s edition. New trends and tradition come together in this original project, which also features Cristina López, Carmela Cristos, Marc López and Carlos Cuenca.

In addition, as with every year, the festival continues to focus on the more pedagogical side of the genre. That is why the IV Congreso Internacional de Flamencología y Pedagogía Flamenca will be held, and there will also be masterclasses by leading flamenco figures. This event will feature a performance by Oleándole, a group that brings together two styles of roots music: jazz and flamenco.

The I Concurso de Cante Ciutat Flamenco will take place for the first time, with four finalists competing for the first prize. The event will close with a performance by the brilliant flamenco singer Rafael de Utrera.

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