He played and recorded with musicians such as Jean Luc Vallet, Horacio Fumero, Benet Palet, Giulia Valle, Lou Benet, Sean Levitt, Melva Houston, Cris Higgins, Bill Gerhardt, Fay Victor, Bill McHenry, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Gorka Benitez, Reinald Colom, Dani Pérez, Martí Serra, Jordi Rossi, Sergi Sirvent and Eric Peter. He also performed concerts all over Spain and in other countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Portugal and Chile.

He published articles in specialised magazines such as Megadrums (no. 1, 2, 3 and 7) or Batería Total (no. 80). Moreover, he received numerous awards, for example the prize for the best group at the national jazz festival in Mallorca (1986) with the group Beboporum Septeto, the second prize at the jazz festival in Catalonia (1993) with the group Quintetesanté, the prize for the best soloist at the first jazz festival in Catalonia (1993) and the prize for the best jazz album in Chile (2005) with Carmen Paz + Tres. He also received a nomination for the Goya film awards (2009) for the song “Al Sur del Cielo¨ including the film Carlitos lo Campo de los Sueños.

He has collaborated as a sideman in more than twenty albums. Noteworthy are Sergi Sirvent Intervalic quartet (self-published in 2013) and Inferencias (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2012) with Sergi Sirvent Octopussy cats, chosen CHOC of the month of February 2013 from the French magazine Jazz Magazine. Also noteworthy are Impros and films (Tiempos Recuerdos, 2012) in collaboration with Balsa Castells, which received three stars for Cuadernos de Jazz in November 2012; Miles 65, 67, 68, 69 (Fresh Sound New Talento, 2010) with Jordi Gardeñas Grupo; Pequeñas historias (New Mood Jazz, 2005) with Carmen Paz + Tres (chosen best jazz album in Chile 2006); and Micamale (Fresh Sound New Talento 2001).

As a teacher, he has taught drums at the Taller de Músicos de Barcelona, the Centre d’Educació Musical de Terrassa, the Blue Train de Sabadell, the Pulsació Sabadell, the Conservatori Privat de Música de Bellaterra, the Escola Municipal de Música d’Esparraguera, the Conservatori d’Igualada, Ariadna de Sabadell, the Universat Autònoma de Bellaterra, the Escola Gymel de Barcelona and the Escola Municipal de Música de Sant Quirze del Vallès.