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Pau Lligadas

Pau Lligadas (Barcelona – 1987) started playing the electric bass at the age of 15 surrounded by his musician brothers. At the age of 19, he got accepted at the ESMuC (Barcelona) in the speciality of jazz double bass. Later, he moved to Switzerland to continue his studies at the Hochschule für Music in Basel where he obtained a master’s degree in jazz double bass performance.

Subjects: Electric Bass, Double Bass, Instrumental Ensemble, Sight-Reading


Since he started playing, he has collaborated with many different musicians and groups from the Barcelona scene, including jazz, flamenco, pop and any other genre in which he could. Some names and groups are worth mentioning, such as Joan Díaz, Niño Josele, Mikel Andueza, A Contra Blues, Hotel Gurú, Latino y los Llobregantes, Juan Cortés and Sara Flores, Ignasi Terraza… and many others.

He has been selected to participate in the semifinal of the competition organised by the “European Double Bass Congress” twice in a row (2014 -Amsterdam- and 2016 -Prague-) in the speciality of a jazz soloist.

He is currently involved in projects such as Xavi Reija Acoustic Trio (Featuring Nita Herhsckovits), Blind Cinema, Gemma Humet, Antonio Navarro and Laura Morillo. He also works as a freelance bassist/bass player and combines it with teaching.

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