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Pere Martínez

Pere Martínez is a young cantaor from Barcelona. He graduated in Flamenco Singing Performance at the Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales, and has trained with artists such as Chiqui de la Línea and Chicuelo.

Subjects: Flamenco Singing


At the beginning of his professional career, his participation as a soloist in the shows Nunca los daré por muertos at the Sala Barts (during the Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2013) and Geografia d’Espriu at the Palau de la Música Catalana stands out. Within the festival Ciutat Flamenco he participated in 2014 in Les Trinxeres in 1714, where he co-directed for the first time, namely a show playing historical texts of the War of Succession. In 2015 Pere Martínez also participated in the Ciutat Flamenco with the show Bodas de Sangre.

In 2015 he premiered Tants Records, as musical director; a show of Catalan popular dance and music that has already been programmed in events and stages such as the Auditori de Vilafranca, the Fira Mediterrània of Manresa, the Ésdansa Festival and the Auditori de Sant Cugat, among others, receiving very good reviews from the audience and professionals.

Pere Martinez is also a performer in the show Flamenkat from since its inception, which is produced by the pedagogical department of the Palau de la Música Catalana. There he shares the stage with artists such as Juan Carlos Gomez, David Dominguez and Eli Ayala.

In 2016 he premiered in France, at the National Theatre of Brittany, the show Trouvé dans l’oubli, by the company L’âge de la tortue, combining flamenco singing with avant-garde theatre. With his flamenco recital proposal, he performed with different formations in Spain (Barcelona, Jerez, Cádiz, Manresa, Lleida, etc.) and abroad (Algeria, France and Hungary).

Recently, he recorded an album of flamenco songs and music poetry, by authors such as García Lorca, Manuel de Falla and Felip Pedrell with the group Aurora. The album was presented in April 2017 at the Auditori de Barcelona with a very good reception by the public. His artistic interest and versatility make Pere Martínez an artist with an extraordinary capacity for recordings.

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