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Bachelor of Music at Taller de Músics

The Taller de Músics Bachelor of Music has the diffusion of music made here, at home, among its main objectives, as well as the need to deepen aspects of musical education of superior level, which is regarded an essential tool in obtaining better quality for the professionals of our country.


Because it provides the student with a qualitative artistic formation of superior level that enables the development of different fields of knowledge related to music. It offers the student a theoretical, technical and methodological training, both of a general and more specialised nature in music, in the professional areas linked to the field, the specialisation and the itinerary being studied. And finally, because it is a degree adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), it is in all respects equivalent to a university degree.


  • Because we have the commitment and experience to give the student a solid and complete musical training.
  • Because we facilitate the labor insertion of students trained at our center.
  • Because our pedagogical model deepens the interpretative practice, composition, musical education and/or management.
  • Because we offer an ideal framework for interdisciplinary development in a real creation laboratory.
  • Because we dispose of facilities and equipment specifically designed for musical learning and practice.
  • Because we offer the possibility of split payment for the studies.

Bachelor Degrees in Music

Orientation Course for Bachelor Degree

The Taller de Músics, a pioneering school in teaching jazz and modern music in Barcelona, offers a one-year bridging course intended for students with a heterogeneous profile (including students with classical training) who wish to prepare for the Bachelor Degree in the fields of Jazz and Modern Music or Flamenco. During this course, the student will be prepared to access the specialties of Interpretation, Composition or Musical Pedagogy.

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