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Valentí Adell

Pedagogical Director and Headteacher at Taller de Músics School of Music.
Orientation Course for Bachelor of Music Coordinator (COS).
Head of Didactic Materials at Taller de Músics School of Music.

He began his music studies at the Sabadell Conservatory, where he studied classical piano, harmony and counterpoint. In a self-taught way, he enters the world of modern music by participating in several pop, rock and fusion groups at the beginning of the 90s. He completed his training in the field of jazz by studying modern piano and harmony with Joan Díaz, Ben Waltzer, Acelino de Paula, Riqui Sabatés, Errol Woisky and Javier Juanco. He also participates in seminars with Jordi Rossy and Nat Su.

Subjects: Specific Repertoire, Supplementary Repertoire, Acoustics and Organology, Techniques for Recording and Postproduction (I), Piano, Instrumental Ensemble


He has been a member of various groups of different styles – ranging from Pop to Jazz – which has led him to share the stage with musicians such as Riqui Sabatés, Jordi Bonell, Octavio Cortés, Jordi Gardeñas and Acelino de Paula. He has also been musical director of different artists such as Luthea Salom, Litus, Albert Fibla, Sergio Moure or Tancat per Defunció, among others.

In recent years, his professional work has been dominated by artistic production and studio recordings. He has participated in more than thirty records, either as a producer, arranger or session musician. These include recordings for television programs, various soundtracks for short films and movies, and albums by various artists. His work in the studio includes collaborations with Maria del Mar Bonet, Luis Salinas, the Compania Elèctrica Dharma and Luthea Salom.

He has taught piano, harmony and combo at various schools of modern music, such as the Blue Train in Sabadell, the Aula de Música Moderna in Cerdanyola del Vallès and the Escola i Superior del Taller de Músics. He also regularly holds conferences on music and electronics and workshops on electronic music, computer science applied to music and production.

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