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Taller de Músics joins Keychange

<< Go back 08/03/2021

According to Keychange, women only make up 20% or less of the music industry and, furthermore, their levels of income and presence in leadership roles are also lower. Firmly committed to continuing to work for gender equality, Taller de Músics is joining this global network and movement, which aims to restructure the music industry in order to achieve total gender balance.

As a signatory of the Keychange Pledge, Taller de Músics has made a series of commitments for 2022:

  • Create a Gender Observatory led by an assembly of students and teachers who are concerned with gender issues.
  • Ensure that at least 50% of the artist roster is led by women, or non-binary artists.
  • Create a minimum of two new productions per year led by women.
  • Review the contents of the History of Music subjects to ensure that female figures are well represented.
  • Ensure a significant presence of women and gender minorities as speakers, presenters and panellists at the Festival Ciutat Flamenco and JAZZ I AM Barcelona International Meeting.
  • Expand the presence of women teaching masterclasses.
  • Participate in international events focused on promoting music composed and directed by women.

In addition, Taller de Músics will implement a series of monitoring systems for the different commitments in order to ensure their fulfilment and will work from within the organisation and out into the community in order to help achieve a collective awareness in favour of equality.

The Keychange project is supported by the Creative Europe Programme and partners from 12 different countries who work proactively within their organisations and among different actors to make change happen. Festivals, venues, promoters, programmers, record labels and companies have formed a network committed to transforming the sector by creating effective tools to support and achieve individual and collective goals in the onward march towards full equality.

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