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Raquel Lúa

Raquel Lúa is involved a musical project from Cabal Musical, a social innovation project, promoted by Taller de Músics, for the inclusion of artists from underprivileged neighbourhoods and areas that are based on the artistic accompaniment of young musical talents. Participating groups and musicians receive training, guidance, and resources to turn their creative concerns into entrepreneurial projects and thus enter the sector.

(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about RAQUEL LÚA

The young composer from Barcelona presents a delicate yet powerful project born from a personal and unique sensitivity. The melismatic voice and poetic lyrics loaded with literature are what characterize her style. Her harmonies make you travel through the roots of each musical genre, as we can find melodies ranging from flamenco to Brazilian music. Her voice and compositions are full of poetry and, together with the arrangements of the guitar, they make us travel through the sea, the forest and the light that filters through the leaves of the tree.

She has just released her first album entitled Ruegos y demás (Autoedición, 2018), an album that flees from the tyranny of a single musical genre to caress the folklore of different parts of the world. An unpretentious album but from the complexity, which let us reign the freshness and spontaneity of the moment. 

The musicians who accompany the voice of Raquel Lúa are Amaia Miranda (Spanish guitar and guitalele), Yeray Hernández (Spanish guitar, mandolin, and cavaquinho), Marco Boi (double bass) and Gloria Maurel (drums and percussion). There is also the possibility of presenting the show in duet format (with guitar or double bass), trio (with guitar, double bass, and percussion) and quintet.

Raquel Lúa has been awarded the first prize in the Horta-Guinardò Singer-songwriter Competition, Festival Estrena’t, and finalist in two prizes in the Acoustic Competition (2017).

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