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Unreleased Recordings

Sean O'Rourke Levitt

Publishing Year: 2003
Genre: Jazz

CD1: Sean O’Rourke Levitt (guitar), Gilles Naturel (bass), Zé Eduardo (bass), John Betsch (drums), Aldo Caviglia (drums), Jorge Rossy (drums), Lluís Vidal (piano).

CD2: Sean O’Rourke Levitt (guitar), Stella Aguilar Levitt (vocals), Alain Jean Marie (piano), Gilles Naturel (bass), John Betsch (drums)

CD3: Sean O’Rourke Levitt (guitar), Zé Eduardo (bass), Jorge Rossy (drums)

CD4: Sean O’Rourke Levitt (guitar), Lluís Vidal (piano), Mario Rossy (bass), David Xirgu (drums)


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