Enrollment Process


July: 3rd to 18th
September: 12nd to 14th 


The order of enrolment is determinated by grade obtained in the entrance exams (new students) or by the academic grade average, and determines which students get priority when choosing groups and subject timetables. The list with the order of enrolment can be found on the Taller de Músics Virtual Campus. Students must arrive 15 minutes before their enrolment appointment to collect the enrolment forms.

Any student who is unable to attend their assigned enrolment appointment in person, may send another person to matriculate in their name. In order to do this, students must fill out the enrolment authorisation form, which can be found on the Taller de Músics Virtual Campus. Furthermore, it is absolutely essential for the person coming on behalf of the student to bring a photocopy of the DNI/passport of the student to be enrolled.

Any student who does not attend at their assigned time and day shall lose their turn and must request enrolment at the end of the process.

Enrolment procedure for optional subjects

· 3rd and 4th year students can enrol for credits in optional subjects according to their study programme:

  • 3rd year Flamenco: 12 credits
  • 4th year Flamenco: 18 credits
  • 4th year Composition: 12 credits
  • 3rd year Jazz and Modern Music: 6 credits
  • 4th year Jazz and Modern Music: 18 credits

· Upon formalisation of enrolment, students must indicate which subjects they wish to study.
· On the Taller de Músics Virtual Campus students can consult the list of optional subjects available for the 2018-2019 academic year.
· The group optional subjects will be available as long as the minimum number of students is reached.
· In the event that a requested subject is not available due to a lack of demand, the students(s) will be notified and shall be required to choose another subject.
· 3rd year students can enrol for more credits in optional subjects, corresponding to those from the 4th year.
· 4th year students must enrol for all pending credits from previous semesters in order to be eligible to complete their studies.

Fees 2018-2019

· Cost per credit: €95/credit
· Special discount subsidised by the Fundación Privada Taller de Músics for the academic year 2018-2019: €10/credit
· Final course fees 2018-2019: €85/credit (*see applicable conditions)

Forms of payment

  • One-off payment. A one-off payment at the time of enrolment by bank transfer or direct debit. Those paying by these payment methods shall receive a discount of 2.65% on the total cost of enrolment.
  • In 2 payments. Payment in 2 instalments (July/December). Those paying by this payment method shall receive a discount of 1.35% on the total cost of enrolment.
  • Payment in instalments. The first payment (in July) of €1,800 must be made at the time of enrolment in the case of a complete enrolment for 60 credits, or 36% of the cost of enrolment in other cases. This is followed by 10 monthly payments on the 5th of every month from September to June inclusive. In the case of September enrolments, the initial payment must be made at the time of enrolling and then a further 10 monthly payments must be made on the 5th of every month from October to July inclusive.

Fees and charges

· Students who enrol for a second time in more than one subject shall pay an extra 25% on top of the fees for the credits for that subject.
· A penalty of €30 shall be applied for each unpaid bill.
· The fee for transfer of a student's academic record from the Taller de Músics ESEM is €50.
· The fee for issuing the official academic record certification is €50. A copy of the certification in paper or digital format, which does not have official validity, is free.

Calendar and timetables

· Both the calendar and the group class timetables are available to students with the exception of Instrument subject, these timetables are chosen upon enrolment.
· On the day of enrolment, students will have at their disposition the information on timetables and teachers for the Instrument Ensembles. Upon completing the enrolment, this information will be provided to students so that they can make their choices.
· With reference to the Instrumental Ensemble subject, students will change COMBO in the second term. This means that at the moment of matriculation the student must select the timetables for both COMBOs on the course.


Click here to consult the validation guidelines. Find further information here about the documents that need to be submitted.