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In Romani mistó means good, true, or authentic, and this is precisely what the flamenco recital presented by Miguel de la Tolea and Tuto Fernández and produced by Pepe Motos and Taller de Músics, strives to be. Guitar and vocals come together to bring the audience flamenco without fireworks or decorations, but of the most classic and traditional kind, flamenco that reaches the soul. A recital of classical flamenco from which everything else springs.

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More about Mistó

The musical and artistic quality of these two musicians is undoubtedly the result of their passion and love for the genre. With an established career behind them, these two artists combine audacity and knowledge in a vision that touches audiences.


Miguel Ángel Montero Martín, better known as Miguel de la Tolea, is a flamenco singer with a long career in the world of flamenco. He was born in Barcelona but grew up in different cities in Spain. Since childhood, he has been singing and dancing in tablaos and the top flamenco venues of the moment. At the age of 16, he was one of the members of the group Cambalache, along with nine other musicians, with whom he travelled around Europe representing the Taller de Músics. At 18, he joined the Joaquín Cortés company, with whom he toured the most important theatres in the world for a year and a half. Later, he travelled to Japan with his mother, La Tolea, his uncle, El Toleo, and a flamenco troupe to perform at the El Flamenco tablao in Osaka, where he stayed for six months.

He has performed in the most important theatres in the world and has worked with artists such as Enrique Morente, Tomatito, Niña Pastori, Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Poveda, Estrella Morente, Carmen Cortés and Juan Ramírez, among others.

He currently performs at Tablao de Carmen, Los Tarantos, City Hall and Tablao Flamenco Cordobés.


The guitarist El Tuto started playing as a child with his father Justo Fernández Malos. At the age of 14 he began to work in the Tablao de Carmen with artists such as Sara Baras, Farru, El Carpeta and Karime Amaya. Throughout his career he has participated in shows with La Farruca and El Farru, as well as with singers such as Montse Cortés, Duquende and Ginesa Ortega.

He performs regularly at the Tablao Cordobés where he shares the stage with great figures of flamenco dancing and singing such as Farru, El Carpeta, Karime Amaya, David Cerreduela and El Yiyo.


Taller de Músics Management & Producciones
(+34) 93 443 43 46

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