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Los Aurora

Los Aurora is a flamenco-jazz group that is revolutionising the national and international music scene with a daring and personal proposal. A breath of fresh air in flamenco, a genre that has lost its fear of fusing with other aesthetics.

(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about Los Aurora

The cantaor Pere Martínez, together with Max Villavecchia on piano, Javi Garrabella on bass and Joan Carles Marí on drums, accompanied by Jose Manuel Álvarez or Pol Jiménez on dance, have embarked on a musical adventure running through the most popular flamenco songs while evolving towards transgressive languages that surpass the most traditional sonorities to become impregnated with other genres. Their sound starts from flamenco and moves towards jazz, the two styles that make up the DNA of this young group, moving away from the more classical sonority of the compositions on which it is inspired.

The live show is a reflection of the album Aurora (Taller de Músics, 2017), their first record reference. An album that pays homage to the figure of Manuel de Falla, from which three conceptual routes are articulated: the work of the composer from Cádiz, faithful to folkloric material and not just flamenco; the binomial Falla-García Lorca, represented by the popular songs compiled and resized by the “poet-musician”; and, finally, the relationship between Falla and the musician Felip Pedrell, one of the greatest exponents of folkloric running.

Los Aurora have visited halls and festivals all over the world. On an international level, their art has crossed borders and continents and has sounded at different stages in Canada, Korea, Russia, Israel and many European countries, such as Hungary, Germany, Poland, among others. Nationally, the GPS tour (Girando Por Salas) and the AIE tour (Artistas en Ruta) stand out.

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