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Mélodie Gimard

Mélodie Gimard is a young French pianist, composer, and arranger born in Perpignan, where she won the Prix d’Excellence for piano and chamber music. In 2013 she graduated with honours in the speciality of classical piano at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, where she also completed the Master of Flamenco in the speciality of the piano. With teachers such as Pierre Reach, Feliu Gasull, Kennedy Moretti and the members of the Quartet Casals, Mélodie Gimard, she has been awarded in competitions such as the Young Performers of Catalonia and the Arjau.


(+34) 93 443 43 46


Despite her youth, she combines her piano career with the musical direction of shows at various national and international festivals such as the Semaine Flamenco festival in France and the Malaga Biennial, where she has shared the stage with artists such as Miguel de la Tolea, Carlos Sarduy, Moisés Navarro and Jose Manuel Álvarez. She is also a member and founder of Pescaitos Flamenco Quartet, Trio Zuloaga, and the new female project EVA. In addition, Mélodie Gimard devotes herself to teaching by means of her own method, based on the union of theory and practice. 

Currently, Mélodie Gimard is immersed in Numen (One World Records, 2020), her first album. It is an interdisciplinary project that represents the freedom of expression of a young artist with regards to the influence of flamenco. Everything that inspires the artist falls into this category: places, words, people… everything can become numen. Through this show, the artist translates the different numens that have inspired her into music, telling her own story through the hybridisation of the classic and most current music, always taking into account the flamenco tradition and its language seen from a new angle in a spontaneous and transgressive way. In her compositions, we find influences from both the most jondo flamenco and current artists. El Chozas de Jerez, Manolo Caracol, Moraito, Bebo Valdés, Ibrahim Maalouf or Tigran Hamasyan who are part of the heterogeneous creative numen of Mélodie Gimard.

Mélodie Gimard | piano and director
Matías López Expósito o Anna Colom | vocals
Carlos Sarduy | trumpet
artín Meléndez | cello
Pablo Gómez | percussion
Karen Lugo | baile

(Also available in quartet or trio).

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