Our objective- to train professional composers- places special emphasis on those aspects that are related to the professional and the artisanal elements of current musical creation.

We contemplate an eclectic vision of modern composition. With a base in the rigorous study of tradition, we tend towards a generous vision of musical aesthetics.

Our faculty is composed of renowned composers who are active in the profession. With personalised tutoring, the student will be able to create their pathway according to their own criteria for creation: modern music (for jazz big band or other ensembles of instruments), classical and contemporary music (symphony orchestra, chamber music), as well as musical creation in support of the performing arts and plastic and visual arts, etc. 

To make these musical projects a reality, the Taller de Músics ESEM has agreements operating with orchestras and other instrumental groups.

Furthermore, our department of Management and Productions offers an ideal framework for the professional development of the students of the composition speciality.


  • Basic education: 36 credits
  • Obligatory subjects: 180 credits
  • Optional subjects: 12 credits
  • Final course project: 12 credits
  • Total: 240 credits

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1st year

Ear training I: Néstor Giménez
Formal analysisRamon Civit
Main composition IJuan Jurado
Applied composition IRaquel García-Tomás
Baroque music analysisSanti Galán
Classical music analysisSanti Galán
Instrumentation and orchestration IJuan Jurado
Music historySanti Galán
Music and computingSanti Galán
Composition for Instrumental Ensemble IJuan Jurado
Secondary instrument I (click here to acces)

2nd year

Culture and historyÚrsula Pilar San Cristóbal
Music notation and scoring for composersSanti Galán
Musical thoughtÚrsula Pilar San Cristóbal
Main composition IIJuan Jurado
Applied composition IIRaquel García-Tomás
Instrumentation and orchestration II: Rafael Murillo
Music in the 20th and 21th centuries: Juan Jurado
Romantic music analysisJuan Jurado
Post Romanticism Music AnalysisJuan Jurado
Composition for Instrumental Ensemble IIJuan Jurado
Secondary instrument II (click here to acces)

3rd year

Main composition IIIPablo Carrascosa
Applied composition IIIRaquel García-Tomás
Instrumentation and orchestration IIIOctavi Rumbau
Compositional techniques IRaquel García-Tomás
Compositional techniques IIRaquel García-Tomás
History of 20th century popular musicSanti Galán
Electroacoustic compositional techniquesOctavi Rumbau
Composition and production for audiovisual media I and IIAlfred Tapscott
Techniques for recording and postproductionKiko Caballero
Instrumental and vocal conducting I and IIPere Lluís Biosca
Language and communicationÚrsula Pilar San Cristóbal
Acoustics and OrganologyKiko Caballero
Secondary instrument III (click here to acces)
Optional subjects (click here to acces)

4th year

Main composition IVRafael Murillo
Applied composition IV: Raquel García-Tomás
Compositional techniques IIIRaquel García-Tomás
Instrumentation and orchestration IVOctavi Rumbau
Spanish basics of contemporary compositionPablo Carrascosa
Composition and production for audiovisual media III and IVAlfred Tapscott
Composition for alternatives musical ensemblesRaquel García-Tomás
Instrumental and vocal direction IIPere Lluís Biosca
Optional subjects (click here to acces)
Final Project (more information)