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The Bachelor's in Performance of Jazz and Modern Music is designed to train musicians capable of: performing different jazz and modern repertoires fluidly and using this as a base to be able to approach any other modern repertoire; understanding, designing and organising study and practice in such a way as to become their own maestros; and familiarising themselves with the professional, technological, artistic and cultural environment so that they will be able to design, create and direct their own project as well as bringing added value to the projects of others.

The design of the pathways offered (Jazz and Modern Music) has a very practical character thanks to the dynamic work done by Taller de Músics ESEM, the program of masters and workshops, as well as the involvement of the Taller de Músics Management and Productions department in the students' projects.

The faculty has a range of teaching professionals who are specialists in Jazz and Modern Music, as well as being first rate artists with active careers.


The area of Jazz and Modern Music instruments is composed of two pathways (Jazz and Modern Music) and studies are offered in distinct modes oriented to performance with a particular instrument from among the most emblematic of contemporary music and jazz, as well as knowledge and mastery of its particular qualities.

· A student choosing the Jazz pathway has the following modes available to them: Accordion, Double Bass, Drums, Electric Bass, Electric guitar, Flute, Horn, Piano, Saxophone/Clarinet, Trombone, Trumpet, Voice, Violin, Cello.

· If the student opts for the Modern Music pathway, they will have the following modes available to them: Accordion, Electric Bass, Electric guitar, Drums, Flute, Keyboard, Percussion, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Voice, Violin, Cello.

The ESEM anticipates the expansion, each academic year, of the modes of study of each pathway in order to respond to students' requests, as long as the Centre can guarantee the participation of aspiring students within the framework of the curriculum design and the educational community.


  • Basic education: 36 credits
  • Obligatory subjects: 168 credits
  • Optional subjects: 24 credits
  • Final course project: 12 credits
  • Total: 240 credits

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1st year

Culture and HistoryÚrsula Pilar San Cristóbal
Ear Training INéstor Giménez
HarmonyNéstor Giménez
Jazz HistoryEnric Vázquez
Music HistorySanti Galán
Improvisation IAlfons Carrascosa, Paul StouthamerSanti de la RubiaRamón Ángel ReyFerran SavallNúria González ColsRamón Cardo
Voice EnsembleClara Luna
Instrumental Ensemble IRamón Ángel ReyVicenç SolsonaMiquel Àngel CorderoAlejandro Di CostanzoVíctor de DiegoJoan MonnéAlfons Carrascosa
Main Instrument I (click here to acces)
Secondary Instrument I (click here to acces)

2nd year

Musical ThoughtÚrsula Pilar San Cristóbal
Language and CommunicationÚrsula Pilar San Cristóbal
Rhythmic ImprovementRaynald ColomRamón Cardo
Basic CompositionMartín Leiton
Formal AnalysisRamon Civit
Music and ComputingSanti Galán
Arranging ISanti Galán
Voice EnsembleClara Luna
Instrumental Ensemble IIJordi FarrésAlejandro Di CostanzoVíctor de DiegoJordi BonellJordi MatasMarc AyzaAdrià PlanaJoan MonnéMiquel Àngel CorderoLuis Alfonso Guerra 'Luisito' & Vicenç Solsona (Percussion ensemble)
Main Instrument II (click here to acces)

3rd year

Specific RepertoirePau VidalJordi Matas
Body EducationEinat Tal
Sight-readingAdrià Plana
Transposition and CompingVicenç Solsona
Improvisation IIAlfons CarrascosaRamón Ángel ReyJordi GardeñasMartí SerraSergi SirventNúria González Cols
Voice EnsembleClara Luna
Instrumental Ensemble IIIMarc AyzaJordi BonellJaume GispertDavid MengualJordi Gardeñas 
Main Instrument III (click here to acces)
Secondary Instrument II (click here to acces)
Optional Subjects (click here to acces)

4th year

Supplementary RepertoireEnric HernàezPep CocaJefferson Otto
Voice EnsembleClara Luna
Instrumental Ensemble IVJordi BonellNéstor GiménezJaume GispertDavid MengualVicenç Solsona
Main Instrument IV (click here to acces)
Optional Subjects (click here to acces)
Final Project (more information)